Building Your Business with SRT

You've taken the SRT Certification course(s) and now you have the technical skill set with our Soft-Stretch Release Techniques.

Now, How do you not only bring these new tools into your current client's sessions, but how do you attract interest from outside prospects and drive new business in for your SRT offering?

Well, for one, you will need to know HOW to explain just exactly what SRT really is and why it's so different from the stretching and massage / chiros, and also how to create an entirely new service offering for this modality.

This is why we have launched the Business Builder Basics course for you Professionals and Specialists. It is imperative that you utilize SRT as a separate offering, if only to generate new buzz and awareness for this technique. If someone already goes to a massage therapist or a trainer, you need to showcase why they would also want to give you a try specifically.

This course will set the outlines you need to...

  • Begin explaining SRT in person / online
  • Marketing your brand awareness online and in person
  • Explain and answer questions revolving around SRT
  • How to film visually captivating videos
  • How to present yourself on camera
  • How to guides on getting started and building your content for awareness
  • Answers to common questions
  • plus more.

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